Application for Cycle Hub Membership

Transport for Greater Manchester Cycle Hub Conditions of Use

Summary of membership

1. Membership provides access to Transport for Greater Manchester and Northern Rail Cycle Hubs and the use of cycle storage stands and lockers for the storage of personal effects.

2. Premium membership at City Tower (Piccadilly, Manchester), additionally provides access to showers and changing facilities. Members are responsible for supplying their own towels and shower consumables at City Tower.

3. Membership is available for monthly and 12–month periods, for City Tower and a one off payment is required for all other Hubs. Advance payment, either on a monthly basis or for the entire membership term is required.

4. City Tower Cycle Hub is managed and operated by Bruntwood on behalf of Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), PO Box 429, Manchester M1 3BG,; phone: 0300 123 1675; email:

5. All other Cycle Hubs are managed by Transport for Greater Manchester and/or Northern Rail.

Operation of membership

6. Admission to the Cycle Hub is limited to members holding a current and valid membership and in possession of their membership card.

7. Admission to the showers and changing areas at City Tower is limited to members with the appropriate level of membership and in possession of their membership card.

8. Failure to comply with these conditions of use may result in your membership being terminated without any refund being given.

9. Members wishing to cancel their membership in advance of the annual renewal date should contact Transport for Greater Manchester. Refunds will be given for all unused months of membership minus an administration fee of £10. Membership cards should be returned to Travel Concessions, Transport for Greater Manchester, PO Box 429, Manchester, M60 1HX. Refunds will not be provided for the unused period of the membership term at all other hubs other than as described for City Tower above.


10. A membership card will be supplied to all Members to allow entry to the hub and, with Premium membership, the showers and changing area.

11. If you lose or damage your membership card, a replacement can be obtained from Transport for Greater Manchester. See Section 9 for Transport for Greater Manchester contact details. Malfunctioning membership cards (apart from those damaged as a result of negligence) will be exchanged free of charge by Transport for Greater Manchester on production of the original. If a card has been stolen, members will need to provide a Crime Reference Number.

12. A membership card must be shown on request to any authorised official of Transport for Greater Manchester or their agents, including Bruntwood and Northern Rail staff where applicable.

13. The membership card is not valid if mutilated or defaced in any way.

Cycle Hub operating hours

14. In the event of a disruption — including those caused by construction, equipment malfunction, damage, or social disorder at or around a Hub — temporary closure of the Hub may be required. Transport for Greater Manchester will not issue refunds to members for temporary closures.

15. Transport for Greater Manchester accepts no liability for journey delays, inconvenience, loss of income, or additional expense incurred by members arising from a temporary closure of a Hub.

16. Transport for Greater Manchester will publish opening hours of Cycle Hubs at and retain the right to vary opening times.

Using the Hub

17. Lockers are to be used for storage during a single day only and, after use, should be left clean and empty with the padlock removed.

18. Where Members are unable to enter a Hub, they should phone TfGM on 0300 123 1675 between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Safety and security

19. A Cycle Hub is used entirely at members’ own risk. Transport for Greater Manchester does not accept responsibility for loss or damage, however caused.

20. Members are responsible for ensuring that their cycles are parked securely within the Cycle Hub using their own lock and removable items (such as lights and saddles) are not left unsecured. Members using lockers should also ensure that these are secured with a suitable padlock.

21. Members are responsible for procuring and maintaining an appropriate level of insurance cover for their property.

22. Lockers must not be used to store flammable or explosive materials, illegal substances, or weapons.

23. At any time, and for any reason, Transport for Greater Manchester may open any of the lockers to confirm their contents.

24. Transport for Greater Manchester reserve the right to remove property, including bikes, and dispose of the property after a 3 month period. Cycle Hub members will be notified of such actions.

Session expiry

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